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5 Tips for Dealing with Police and Avoid an Arrest

Avoid arrest by learning how to deal with the Police.

No one wants to get stuck behind bars for any amount of time. Even one night in jail is much too long. But, sometimes the police can bring out the worst in people. If you get aggressive or defensive when you’re nervous or begin to raise your voice, you could push police to arrest you instead of letting you go. Is there a way you can avoid getting arrested? Yes! Here are 5 essential tips to follow when dealing with the police that just might help to avoid an arrest:

  • Stay Calm and Be Respectful- It can be easy to get upset and worried when approached by police, especially if you feel that they’re accusing you of something you didn’t do. However, it’s important to maintain your calm as getting upset and yelling could cause a police officer to become suspicious of you.
  • You Don’t Have to Answer- You do need to comply with orders, but you don’t have to answer questions, especially if you believe the answers could be used against you. Stay calm and say something like “With all due respect officer, I’m not required by law to answer that.”
  • You Don’t Need to Consent to a Search- Police are experts at getting you to agree to a search. It makes their life easier. If you consent, they’re legally allowed to search your car or home. However, otherwise, unless you’re at a border, the police generally aren’t allowed to perform any kind of search unless they have a warrant or your consent. Don’t consent! They could find any number of things from prescription pills to a small amount of marijuana or open alcohol in the car that could lead to suspicion and arrest.
  • Ask These Questions- You can make sure officers know that you know your rights by asking certain questions. For example, ask if you are free to go. If the police have no evidence or a real reason to detain you, they have to let you leave. Another good question to ask is when an officer asks you to do something. Instead of immediately complying, ask if it’s a request or an order. You only have to comply with orders. This can help clear things up if there’s any doubt over whether or not an officer has a search warrant or similar to enter your home or search your vehicle. Finally, ask if the police have a reason to detain you. Know why you’re being stopped. If they can’t name the reason, they may not have probable cause.
  • Police Are Allowed to Lie- This isn’t so much of a tip as it is something to be aware of. Police are allowed to lie to you to try to get more information out of you. Maintain your calm and don’t answer any questions you don’t want to or that you feel may be used against you.

By following these tips, you can avoid getting yourself into trouble that could lead to your arrest. If you have any doubts about the officer’s behavior, consult with a lawyer or legal expert to determine if any of your rights were violated. Be sure to report any excessive aggression or inappropriate behavior by the police.

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