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Arrest and incarceration were probably not on your mind when you started the day. Nevertheless, you or your loved one may suddenly find yourself in custody and in need of prompt assistance. In the Town of Apple Valley, turn to the professionals at Herbert Bail Bonds when the minutes and hours count. With almost half a century of experience working with the jail system in San Bernardino County, we’re your best bet for quick release from custody and a return to your daily routine while awaiting trial.

Apple Valley Jail Information

High Desert Detention Center

9434 Commerce Way
Adelanto, CA 92301
(760) 530-9300

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General Information on the Apple Valley-Area Jail

Like some other communities in San Bernardino County, Apple Valley does not maintain its own police force or jail. Instead, policing duties are contracted out to the Sheriff’s Department. If you or your loved one get arrested in the town or any other nearby High Desert municipality, deputies from this department will transport you to the High Desert Detention Center in Adelanto, which forms part of the County’s Detentions and Corrections Bureau. This facility has served the area since the mid-2000s. If you have major problems with your mental or physical health at the time of your arrest, you will be taken instead to the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga, which has the housing, equipment and trained staff needed to meet your needs.

The High Desert Detention Center is classified as a Type II jail. All jails in this category are designed to handle all phases of the arrest and incarceration process, including your arraignment and your housing before and during trial. In addition, if your trial ends in a conviction, you may also return to the same facility to serve out your sentence. All of this means that anyone arrested in Apple Valley may never receive a transfer out of the local area. The Detention Center can hold a maximum of 700 inmates.

The address for the High Desert Detention Center is 9434 Commerce Way in Adelanto. Don’t confuse the jail with the Adelanto Detention Facility, a for-profit prison that houses federal inmates. You can contact the High Desert Detention Center at (760) 530-9300. Once at the jail, you’ll find onsite parking options.

Posting Bail at the Apple Valley-Area Jail

After getting arrested in Apple Valley, you will probably be allowed to go through the bail process and gain temporary release from custody. However, not everyone receives this opportunity. Specifically, you should not expect a bail offer if you:

  •         Were arrested on a warrant that prohibits you from receiving bail or securing a bail bond
  •         Stand accused of a criminal offense too severe for you to qualify for bail
  •         Have received a court order to remain in custody while awaiting trial, or
  •         The court has determined that you pose a threat to yourself or others

If you receive a bail offer in San Bernardino County, you can pay your fee in full with cash or a cashier’s check. You can also post a property bond. However, not everyone owns enough property or has enough financial resources to post the full cost of bail, which can run to tens of thousands of dollars, or even more. For this reason, many people choose a third option: a bail bond from a licensed bonding agent. If you’ve been arrested, you can contact a bail bondsman directly. County guidelines also allow three other parties to contact a bondsman on your behalf:

  •         Your attorney
  •         Any other adult in your immediate family, and
  •         Any other adult who you designate in writing

All bail bonds require you to pay a fixed percentage of the total bail set by the court. In California, the most commonly applied rate is 10%. However, you can pay a lower 8% rate if you have a private attorney, currently serve in the military, served in the military in the past or belong to a union. You can’t post a bail bond to the court directly. Instead, you pay your fee to Herbert Bail Bonds or any other licensed company you choose. In turn, that company will make arrangements with the court. The skill and experience of the bail bondsman you choose has a major impact on the smoothness of the process and the speed of your release from custody.

You must remember at all times that bail is a legally binding promise to appear for all proceedings ordered by the court. Whether you post bail on your own or secure a bail bond, you must follow the court’s guidelines. If you fail to do so on even one occasion, the court can revoke your bail, keep the fee and have you sent back to jail until your trial. If you secured your bail with a bond, the bonding company takes financial responsibility for your actions. To make up for that expense, your bail bondsman will turn to you.

Cities Served

  • Azusa
  • Pomona
  • La Verne
  • Claremont
  • Monclair
  • Ontario
  • Walnut
  • Upland
  • Covina
  • El Monte
  • San Dimas
  • West Covina
  • Baldwin Park
  • City of Industry
  • Rancho Cucamonga
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Obtaining Inmate Information at the Apple Valley-Area Jail

In order to post bail or arrange a bail bond, you must first verify the location of your loved one. To locate anyone held in the High Desert Detention Center, you can call the facility directly. As part of your arrangements with Herbert Bail Bonds, we can also locate your loved one for you.

Inmate Contact and Visits at the Apple Valley-Area Jail

You can visit the High Desert Detention Center during visitors’ hours as long as you notify the facility at least 24 hours in advance. The Sheriff’s Department can provide you with a current schedule and fill you in on all visiting restrictions. Prior to the arraignment process, anyone held at the jail can make local outgoing calls free of charge. However, after completing this process, detainees can only make collect outbound calls.

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