How Common are Unlawful Arrests in Southern California?

Even worse than getting arrested, is getting arrested without committing a crime. However, for many individuals in Southern California, this nightmare is a daily reality. Most of us would like to think that by following the law, we stay safe and protect ourselves from injustice. However, whether through a misunderstanding, unfortunate similarities in your facial [...]

Know Your Rights During a DUI Checkpoint

DUI checkpoints are created to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians in multiple ways. The primary functions of the inspections are to catch and prevent impaired drivers in areas that may have a higher chance of accidents. Due to this, police do not necessarily need to have probable cause to pull you over at [...]

6 Common California Crimes and their Bail Amount

Have you ever wondered how much bail is for common crimes in California? It’s interesting to note that what you see on the news often misrepresents which crimes are most frequent in California. On the news, of course, the most violent and disruptive crimes are presented. You’ll see murder, shootouts, and more significant robberies. However, [...]