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Bail Bonds in the City of Needles

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Here at Herbert Bail Bonds, our business is getting people out of custody. And because it is our business, we work hard to make sure that your experience is as fast and as easy as possible. No one wants to spend time in police custody, so our goal is to have you out at the earliest possible moment. We have bail bond agents ready to help you in Needles no matter the hour, serving all courts, jails, and substations in the City of Needles area.

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Bail Bonds in the City of Needles

No matter where you live or how you conduct yourself in daily life, you never know when circumstances can lead to arrest and incarceration for you or a loved one. If you find yourself in this type of situation, one of your most important tasks is to make speedy arrangements for bail and avoid spending days or weeks in a jail cell. And for most people, the only realistic option for making bail is to secure the services of a local bail bonding company.

In the City of Needles and other locations throughout San Bernardino County and Southern California, Herbert Bail Bonds is a leader in reliable bonding services that make a rapid release from custody a reality. Whether you stand accused of a misdemeanor or a felony, our familiarity with the court system will help you make the best possible arrangements in your time of need. And our emphasis on convenience and affordability put our expertise in reach for people from all walks of life.

The Bail Bonding Process

In the U.S., courts usually allow people accused of crimes to post bail and remain free while their cases proceed to trial. This step is taken to help reduce the amount of money it takes to keep the jail system in operation. To make bail, you must pay a refundable fee that serves as a promise to appear for all required court proceedings. Some people have the resources to pay this fee outright and obtain their release without outside assistance. However, many people don’t have access to such resources and require support in the form of a bail bond.

A bail bond is a contract arranged by a bail bonding agent or company. Under the terms of this contract, you must pay only a small percentage of the original bail amount. In exchange for this percentage, the bonding company will file the bond with the court and secure your temporary release. While making the needed arrangements, the company guarantees it will pay the entire bail to the court if you miss any required hearings or court dates. Failure to appear will result in a loss of bail privileges and an immediate return to custody.

Navigating Jail in Needles and San Bernardino County

Needles provides policing and jail services through the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. Since Needles is in an isolated area, the system works somewhat differently than in other parts of the county. Some people arrested within the city complete their entire pretrial incarceration without receiving a transfer to another more extensive facility. However, pre-trial inmates detained locally may also end up in Adelanto’s High Desert Detention Center or Rancho Cucamonga’s West Valley Detention Center.

People who remain in Needles avoid the inconvenience associated with getting transferred and going to a significant jail. However, things can get a lot more complicated for anyone transported to the 700-bed High Desert Detention Center or the 3,347-bed West Valley Detention Center. Anyone incarcerated at the High Desert facility will need to go through a second booking process, which typically takes much longer than in the local Needles jail. Anyone detained at the West Valley facility will need to go through an even longer booking process and may end up receiving an additional transfer to another jail. The best way to steer clear of these lengthy complications is to seek out a reputable, experienced bail bonding company at the earliest possible opportunity.

Expertise Working on Your Behalf

For nearly 50 years, the experts at Herbert Bail Bonds have served the bail bonding needs of people incarcerated in San Bernardino County. Our experience covers all area facilities, including the local Needles jail, the High Desert Detention Center, and the West Valley Detention Center. This in-depth knowledge makes it possible for us to streamline the process and avoid time-consuming mistakes that lead to unnecessary delays. Even in mega-jails like West Valley, we’ll shave precious time off your stay behind bars.

Maximum Convenience

There is no such thing as a good day to get arrested and go to jail. In the best of all worlds, this type of scenario can lead to severe stress and significant life disruption. At Herbert Bail Bonds, we consider it our duty to help you ease your burden and make your bail arrangements with a minimum of hassle. Toward that end, we give you the choice of scheduling face-to-face meetings at our offices, your residence or the facility holding your loved one. And if you live far away or don’t have the time for in-person arrangements, you can take care of everything through phone calls or faxes.

We also seek to assist you in other ways. For example, if you’re unable to pay the 8% or 10% fee required to obtain your bail bond, we can help you petition the court to lower the total bail amount. If you’re facing a current arrest warrant, we can help you surrender to the court while avoiding any safety risks. And if you need to gather crucial supporting information for your case, we can direct you to private investigators who meet your expectations for experience and professionalism.

Reasonable Payments

A 10% fee on your total bail amount is the maximum bond cost in the State of California. This rate applies in most cases, although veterans, union members, and several other groups can arrange a lower 8% fee. No matter which rate applies in your case, you must make payment directly through your bonding company, not the court. To help make sure you can afford the payment, we offer a couple of crucial options. If the court sets a relatively low bail amount, you may only need to secure a bond cosigner who meets our minimum financial requirements. If bail is a high amount, we may ask you to provide some form of valuable collateral instead. Common collateral options include land, vehicles or other personal property.

A Quick Return to Everyday Life

Experience shows us that even a brief stay in jail can interfere with your ability to meet essential responsibilities and maintain a stable, secure household. That’s why family-operated Herbert Bail Bonds puts a focus on actions that get you out of custody and back to everyday life as soon as the law allows. In all seasons and all times of day and night, we serve the residents of Needles and greater San Bernardino County. To begin making your bail arrangements, contact us today.

City of Needles Courthouse Information

San Bernardino Justice Center

Victorville District
14455 Civic Drive
Civil Department: Suite 100
Criminal/Traffic Department: Suite 200
Victorville, CA 92392

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