Grand Terrace and Central Station Jail

Every day, Herbert Bail Bonds helps people get out of custody in San Bernardino County, and few of the people we help expected to be arrested. Chances are this is true for you as well. Should you find yourself or a loved one in custody, do not stress; we can post bail and get the arrested party released in minimal time.

If you are arrested in Grand Terrace, Herbert Bail Bonds is the team to call. We have been working in Grand Terrace and the rest of San Bernardino County for over 45 years and we know what to do to get you out of jail quickly. We are ready to get to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Grand Terrace Jail Information

Central Station Jail

655 East Third Street,
San Bernardino, California 92415
(909) 884-0156

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General Information About Central Station Jail

Grand Terrace is home to just a little over 12,000 people. Because of its small size, it doesn’t have its own jail. Instead, it is served by Central Station Jail, located inside of the Central Station of the Sheriff’s Department. This jail also serves Arrowhead Farms, Colton, Devore, Muscoy, San Manuel Amphitheater, and Loma Linda, as well as the San Manuel Indian Reservation and Casino. Central Station is the oldest outpost of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, having been established in 1890.

As it serves many areas, Central Station Jail is a busy jail. Despite this, it isn’t terribly large. The space inside is limited, and as it is classed as a Type I facility, it can only hold inmates for a maximum of 96 hours. Due to space and time limits, inmates are quickly transferred to larger correctional facilities, often within hours of being booked at Central Station Jail.

This transfer can take inmates to one of three detention centers in San Bernardino County: Central Detention Center in the City of San Bernardino, High Desert Detention Center in Adelanto, and West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga. We make it a priority to get inmates out of custody before this transfer takes place as the large volume at these centers means longer processing times.

Central Station Jail is located at 655 East Third Street, San Bernardino, California 92415. The Sheriff’s Station can be reached at (909) 884-0156, and from there, you can request to be transferred to the jail. It’s a good idea to call ahead as your loved one may be held at a substation in the area or may have already been transferred to a larger facility. Additionally, there are rules regarding phone calls, visitation hours, and dress code for visitors that you may wish to inquire about.

Posting Bail at Central Station Jail

Central Station Jail is part of the San Bernardino County Department of Corrections. As such, it must follow rules and regulations established by the department. All inmates within San Bernardino County are eligible for bail except in the following circumstances:

  •         The arrest warrant states that bail is not allowed.
  •         A court order has been made that states bail is not allowed.
  •         The bail schedule states that the crime the inmate is accused of is not eligible for bail.
  •         The inmate is under the influence as could pose a danger to self or public and must remain in custody until sober.

All inmates eligible for bail can post bail either on their own or through a bail bondsman.

Cities Served

  • Azusa
  • Pomona
  • La Verne
  • Claremont
  • Monclair
  • Ontario
  • Walnut
  • Upland
  • Covina
  • El Monte
  • San Dimas
  • West Covina
  • Baldwin Park
  • City of Industry
  • Rancho Cucamonga
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Understanding Bail

Upon being processed at Central Station Jail, the officer booking you will tell you the crime you are being charged with and the amount of bail you will need to pay. The amount is non-negotiable as it is set by the county.

It is common for people to think posting bail is like paying a ticket. They believe that once they pay, they can forget the incident ever happened. But with bail, you still have obligations. Namely, you must appear at all court dates related to the charges. Failure to appear results in a loss of the bail money, a warrant for your arrest, and possible denial of bail in the future.

Post Bail Yourself or Hire a Bail Bondsman?

Posting bail on behalf of individuals in custody is our business, so you probably expect us to tell you never to post bail yourself. However, under the right circumstances, it is an excellent option. However, there are two things you should consider.

First, how long will it take to get the money you need together? For example, if you are arrested on the weekend and banks are closed, money will only be able to be accessed via ATMs, and they have daily limits. You could end up in custody for a few days before the money is ready to post bail, and chances are you will be transferred to a larger facility during this time.

Second, how long can you survive without the money? When you post bail, the courts hold onto the money until your case is closed as a way of ensuring that you will appear at all court dates. Some cases may be closed in a few months, but some cases stretch on for years. If you cannot go without the money for an indefinite period of time, it may not be a good idea to post bail on your own.

When you use a bail bondsman, these questions are not needed. You call us, we discuss payment options, and then you sign the paper and we post bail. We keep 10% of the bail money as your payment to us, or 8% in specific circumstances. While this money is kept by us, for most individuals, it is easier to go on without 10% of the bail amount permanently than it is to go without the full amount temporarily.

Failure to appear at future court dates means the bail money will be kept by the courts. Then a warrant will be issued for your arrest, and if you used a bail bondsman, they will collect on the loss.

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