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The staff at Herbert Bail Bonds knows that the moment you are taken into custody, you are itching to get back out. Because we know how important your freedom is to you, we make getting out of jail fast and easy. Our bondsmen in Hesperia work 24/7, serving all courts, jails, and sub-stations in Hesperia and the San Bernardino Area.

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Hesperia Bail Bonds

Spending the night in jail is no fun, and the Herbert Bail Bonds team knows that whether you or a loved one is in jail, the main priority is getting out as soon as possible. As soon as we get your call, you’ll have a team of experts on your side working to get you out of custody and back where you belong. We make our bail bond agents available to you around the clock, 7 days a week. That means we’re prepared to help you no matter what time or which day you need us. We serve all jails, substations and courthouses in Hesperia and the larger county of San Bernardino.

What Is a Bail Bond?

Perhaps you’ve heard a of a bail bond before and you know that it can help get someone out of jail, but you might not know much more. Never fear, we’ll walk you through it so that you know exactly what a bail bond is and how it functions.

There are two parts to a bail bond: posting the bail money and the bond. Bail is money paid to the courts which allows an arrested person to be released. The bond indicates a promise that the said person will arrive on all relevant court dates related to their case. If the individual arrives to all court dates, when the process is finished, the bail money is returned to the person in question. However, if the arrested party does not appear on the necessary dates, the money is kept by the courts, an arrest warrant is issued and it’s unlikely that bail will be an option again.

When the person is placed under custody, bail is set. Sometimes this happens immediately upon arrival at the jail or after a court date has been set. Sometimes bail is denied altogether, but this is not common.

Unfortunately for many, even if bail is allowed, there are still many hurdles to cross in order to secure their release. The cost of bail can be too expensive, meaning that it’s unaffordable for the person under arrest. Even if the bail is low, it can be hard to make the payment. Through bail bonds, anyone can secure their release whether they have the cash on hand or not.

The San Bernardino Department of Corrections Can Be Tricky

Hesperia is a small city home to nearly 100,000 residents. The city is large enough to have its own small jail, but does not have its own long-term detention center. If you or a loved one gets arrested, they’ll be taken to the city jail located at 15840 Smoketree St, Hesperia CA.

The Hesperia detention center is a medium classified structure. Inmates usually stay in the center for a short time period while they await trial or processing. It is less stressful than other, larger prison centers. Here, prisoners have access to some games, exercise, a chapel and a library among other amenities that can be used with approval.

It’s best if you contact Herbert Bail Bonds as soon as possible when you’re detained in Hesperia so that we can work on your case and get you out as quickly as possible.

We Work to Make the Process Convenient for You

Getting arrested and taken to jail is a stressful, overwhelming experience. When you or a loved one is going through this difficult time, get the professional help and experience you need. Take the weight off your shoulders by allowing us to guide you through the process. With a small payment and some signatures, we can pay the bail for you to secure your release. Even if you have no local, Hesperia area support, we’ll contact anyone you suggest via fax or phone as long as they’re within the USA.

In addition to our invaluable services, we are also able to recommend other professionals who can help you in your case, such as a private investigator or lawyer. We know that being put into custody is a difficult experience and we believe you deserve the best services and access to support. Allow us to also help you with paperwork pertaining to outstanding warrants and assist you in any way possible to lower your bail requirements.

Paying for Your Bail Bond

If you can’t afford to pay your bail, the bail bond is the only way to secure your release. When you go through Herbert Bail Bonds for your bail bond, you don’t have to pay the full bail amount. Instead, you pay 10%, or 8% in the following circumstances:

  • You’ve retained a private criminal defense attorney.
  • A person involved is a member of a worker’s union.
  • A person involved is a veteran or active member of the US Military

In the event that your bail is set very high and even 8% or 10% is an impossible sum to attain, ask about our financing and repayment plan options. We are willing to work with you, so feel free to discuss your needs and situation with us. We also accept a wide range of collateral.

Hesperia Courthouse Information

Hesperia City Hall

9700 Seventh Ave, Hesperia, CA 92345, USA

Victorville Courthouse

14455 Civic Drive

Victorville, CA 92392

Learn more about the Hesperia Court

Directions to the Hesperia Court

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Hesperia Jail Information

Hesperia Jail

15840 Smoketree St,
Hesperia, CA 92345

Learn More about the Hesperia Jail

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When you need to find a loved one in jail, Herbert Bail Bonds has free resources to help find an inmate. Use our free inmate tracker to find your loved one. Please note you will need inmate information to access the jail records.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Herbert Bail Bonds toll free at: 800-775-6798.



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Police Station

Hesperia Police Department

The Hesperia Police Department is comprised of 54 sworn law enforcement and has contracted with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for its police services since 1988.

Contact the Hesperia Police Department

(760) 947-1500

Go to Police Station Website

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Herbert Bail Bonds is family owned and operated, and this means that our company is more than business to us. We are personally invested in the success of each case we take on. Whatever you need, we work hard to get it for you. We want to get you out of custody with minimal stress and in minimal time. We are here for you 24/7; all you need to do is give us a call.