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The staff at Herbert Bail Bonds knows that the moment you are taken into custody, you are itching to get back out. Because we know how important your freedom is to you, we make getting out of jail fast and easy. Our bondsmen in Highland work 24/7, serving all courts, jails, and sub-stations in Highland and the San Bernardino Area.

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Highland Bail Bonds

Being arrested can be one of the most devastating things one can experience, even if you spend little time in jail. Why is this? Because it prevents you from living your life, keeping you out of work and away from those you love. Not to mention there is a heavy stigma attached to being arrested. Because of this, when you or your loved one is arrested, time is of the essence. Our Bondsmen in Highland are available 24/7, ready to head to any court, jail, or sub-station in the area to secure your freedom.

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Our lives are busy; one thing goes wrong and the whole plan for the day falls apart. Anyone who has ever gotten a flat tire on the way to work or had a meeting run too long knows this. But getting arrested is an even bigger wrench in your plans.

Few people plan on getting arrested, but the fact is that sometimes it happens. And should it happen to you, you will likely need the help of a bail bondsman to get out of custody. We want to be the bail bondsmen team you choose.

Herbert Bail Bonds has been helping Highland residents get out of jail and back to life for more than 45 years. Over the decades, we have learned the ins and outs of the local legal system, memorizing the forms and procedures, and forming important relationships with the key players. Because everything is second nature to us, we work faster than the newer and larger companies in the area. And when it comes to your freedom, you should settle for nothing less than the very best.

What Is a Bail Bond?

If you have ever watched an episode of Law and Order, you have heard the term “bail” before. But we usually do not hear the term bail bond. Because of this, many people do not understand what it is. In fact, most people misunderstand the concept of bail alone. But knowledge is power, and we want you to fully understand what a bail bond is before you need one.

There are two parts to a bail bond: the posting of the bail money and the bond. Bail money is essentially a fee paid to the legal system to get you released from custody. The bond is the assurance that you will be present at any court dates related to your arrest. Failure to show means the courts keep the bail money and a warrant is issued for your arrest, as you will have broken the bond. If you used a bail bondsman, the bondsman will need to collect on the lost money.

Depending on your situation, the bail amount may be set when you are booked into custody or after you have your first court appearance. The amount your bail will cost is determined by the county bail schedule, based on the crime you are charged with. There are certain charges or circumstances in which bail can be denied, but these situations are rare. When the amount is too high to afford outright, you have two choices: stay in custody until you can pull the money together or work with a bail bondsman.

The San Bernardino County Department of Corrections Can Be Tricky

Highland, California is a small to mid-sized city for the area, with about 55,000 residents. Because it isn’t a large city, it does not have its own detention center. Instead, it has a small holding facility inside the sheriff’s station, which is located at 26985 East Baseline. It is the busiest station in all of San Bernardino County.

The holding facility is classified as a Type I facility. This means that it is a temporary holding center designed to keep inmates for a maximum of 96 hours. However, given that it is the busiest station in the county, it rarely holds inmates for more than a few hours. Instead, there are regular transports to take those in custody to the larger detention centers within the county.

Once this move takes place, things move much more slowly. Just getting processed can take about 6 hours, and after that you still need to handle the bail process to get released. Call Herbert Bail Bonds as soon as possible so we can get you out of custody before the transfer is made. However, if a transfer takes place before we can get you out of custody, hope is not lost. We have a great relationship with Central Detention Center, High Desert Detention Center, and West Valley Detention Center, so no matter where you are, we can help.

We Have the Experience You Need

We talk a lot about getting you out of custody quickly, but you might be wondering just how we can make things go faster for you. While we cannot make the department of corrections move any faster, we can make sure we are working as efficiently as possible. New and inexperienced bondsmen have to carefully read through every form and often must consult Google to make sense of them. To get to the jail, detention center, or courthouse, they need to use Google Maps. But we know the forms and we know where we are going. By the time we get there, the forms are ready. No matter the agency holding you—from the local police to immigration enforcement—we can get the job done faster than other bail bondsmen, shaving time off of your stay in custody.

We Work to Make the Process Convenient for You

In addition to working quickly, we also do everything we can to make the process easy and stress-free for you. No one needs to come to us to get things started; all we need is a phone call. We can make arrangements via telephone or fax, head to someone’s home, or just head right to the jail for you. Being arrested is bad enough; we do not want to add to your burden.

Paying for Your Bail Bond

If you are taken into custody but either do not have the funds to pay your bail or you cannot access them, you do not need to remain in custody. Instead, you call Herbert Bail Bonds. When you work with us, or any other bail bondsmen, you pay just 10% of the cost of your bail as long as you show up to all court appearances. This 10% is the amount set by the California Department of Insurance, and it can be lowered to 8% in certain circumstances:

  •         The arrested party has retained a private criminal defense attorney.
  •         A party to the transaction is a member of a workers’ union.
  •         A party to the transaction is a veteran or active member of the United States Military.

In some cases, this amount may be too much to afford outright. To help with this, we offer flexible financing and repayment options. We consider some forms of collateral as well, as well as using cosigners. Keep in mind that the fee you pay us in non-refundable, but ultimately, your freedom is worth it.

Highland Courthouse Information

San Bernardino Superior Court

 247 W 3rd St, San Bernardino, CA 92401

Learn more about the Highland Court

Directions to the Highland Court

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Highland Jail Information

Highland Jail

26985 East Baseline in Highland, California

Learn More about the Highland Jail

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When you need to find a loved one in jail, Herbert Bail Bonds has free resources to help find an inmate. Use our free inmate tracker to find your loved one. Please note you will need inmate information to access the jail records.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Herbert Bail Bonds toll free at: 800-775-6798.



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Police Station

Highland Police Department

The Highland Sheriff’s Department contracts the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for all law enforcement, with the help of diligent Citizen Volunteers.

Contact the Highland Police Department

(909) 425-9793

Go to Police Station Website

Get Out of Jail and Back to Life

Being arrested isn’t an item most of us have on our bucket list, and as such, you will want out of custody ASAP. Herbert Bail Bonds is happy to help. We are a family-owned business and we take immense pride in the work we do. We want you out of jail as quickly as possible and with minimal stress. Our team is here for you 24/7; all you need to do is give us a call.