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The staff at Herbert Bail Bonds strives to make a difficult situation as easy as possible for you and your family. We have bail bond agents in San Bernardino serving all courts, city jails, and sub-stations in the San Bernardino County area.

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Joshua Tree Bail Bonds

Statistics show that, on the typical day, most people who end up jail never saw it coming. Unfortunately, when coping with this unexpected event, arrestees and their loved ones often make mistakes that lead to a longer stay behind bars than absolutely necessary. In Joshua Tree and communities throughout San Bernardino County, Herbert Bail Bonds works on your behalf to keep jail time to a minimum and obtain suitable bail terms as quickly as possible. With four-plus decades of experience, round-the-clock access and unsurpassed knowledge of the court system, we come to your aid in even the most trying circumstances.

Bail Bonds Explained

In the majority of situations that end in an arrest, the court system allows defendants to post bail as an alternative to remaining in jail until trial. (This offer is typically not made to people accused of committing particularly severe offenses.) The bail process basically gives you the chance to pay a refundable fee in exchange for temporary freedom. In some cases, arrested individuals have the personal resources (e.g., cash or real property) needed to pay this fee outright and go free. However, in any given area, a large percentage of arrestees require assistance in the form of a bail bond.

A bail bond is a legally sanctioned arrangement. In addition to the accused and the court with jurisdiction over the case, this arrangement includes a third party: an independent bail bondsman or bail bond company. After receiving a relatively small fee from the defendant, the bondsman/bail bond company goes before the court and negotiates that individual’s release. As a condition of its consent, the court will hold the bonding agent liable for the total cost of bail if the defendant ever fails to appear as ordered. In the event of such a failure to appear, the court will also produce an arrest warrant for the defendant.

Navigating Jail in Joshua Tree and San Bernardino County

The unincorporated community of Joshua Tree serves as home to San Bernardino County’s Morongo Basin Sheriff’s Station. This station contains a Type I jail capable of holding roughly 80 inmates. By law, a Type I facility can only house pretrial defendants for a maximum of 96 hours (four days) once they go through the official booking process. After this point, defendants receive a transfer to a longer-term facility. For people leaving the Morongo Basin jail, this facility is typically the Central Detention Center in the City of San Bernardino. If the Morongo Basin jail exceeds its maximum population, transfers can happen well before the stated four-day deadline.

Compared to a local Type I jail, a long-term detention facility is both larger and more complex to navigate. Once you or your loved enters the Central Detention Center, the booking process required for all new inmates can drag on for hours. Just as importantly, it can take at least this long to arrange bail after completing booking.

The best way to avoid these lengthy, unpleasant delays is to obtain bail before ever leaving the Morongo Basin jail. After entry into the Central Detention Center, the wait required for booking is essentially unavoidable. Still, you can substantially shrink the amount of time spent behind bars by arranging for bail in a prompt, timely manner. Crucially, the skill of the company you chose for the bail process can have a direct impact on the amount of time needed to gain freedom from incarceration.

Experience at Your Disposal

As a regional company with long-standing roots in the local community, Herbert Bail Bonds is thoroughly familiar with the workings of the Morongo Basin Jail and San Bernardino County’s Central Detention Center. This experience has tremendous practical value for our clients seeking bail at the earliest opportunity. When contacted promptly, we can typically help you or your loved obtain bail before leaving the local holding facility. We can also help you obtain freedom from the Central Detention Center with the maximum possible speed.

Simplifying the Bail Bond Process

Bail arrangements are frequently made at times of extreme stress for arrestees and their loved ones. Under no circumstances should the company you choose for bail services add to that stress by complicating the process unnecessarily. At Herbert Bail Bonds, we do everything possible to simplify the bail bond process and reduce the strain on you and your family. To begin with, we provide you with multiple ways to make your arrangements: in person at your home or our offices, via phone or fax, or at the Morongo Basin jail or the Central Detention Center. With these options in play, you can even arrange for bail when located out of state.

In addition, we do what we can to help you cope with some of the potential barriers to obtaining bail. For example, if you can’t afford to pay the amount established for receipt of a bond, we can assist you or your loved one with the guidance needed to petition for a bail reduction. We also frequently help our clients successfully resolve their outstanding warrants and hire qualified investigators to provide supporting evidence for court appearances.

Making Your Payments

Bail bonds are always calculated as a percentage of the bail amount set by the court. The State of California sets a top rate of 10%, which applies to most individuals who get arrested. A lower rate of 8% is available for certain groups, including people who arrange for their own legal assistance and both current and former military personnel.

Decades of experience have shown us that many people need help finding an affordable way to obtain a bond set at either of these two rates. If the court sets a relatively low bail amount, we often allow you to meet your obligation by getting a qualified third party to cosign to your bond paperwork. To secure a bond for bail set at a higher amount, you’ll need to put up something in the way of collateral (e.g., land or personal items of significant monetary value).

Joshua Tree Courthouse Information

Joshua Tree District Courthouse

6527 White Feather Road
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

(760) 974-3048

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Joshua Tree Jail Information

Morongo Basin Station

63665 29 Palms Highway
Joshua Tree, CA 92252
(760) 366-4175

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Police Station

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

The San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner’s Department serves San Bernardino County, California, which is geographically the largest county in the United States.

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Whether in Joshua Tree or any other location, no one wants to spend more time in jail than the law mandates. In addition to considerable personal distress and inconvenience, a stay in jail can result in everything from reduced income or job loss to family instability. At Herbert Bail Bonds, we’re committed to helping you avoid these potential severe outcomes. Every day, we back up this commitment with top-quality services for all residents of San Bernardino County.