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For the staff at Herbert Bail Bonds, nothing is more important that getting you or your loved one out of custody in minimal time and with minimal stress. We have bail bond agents in La Verne available 24/7, serving all courts, city jails, and sub-stations in the area. Herbert Bail Bonds in one of the most recommended bail bondsmen in the Los Angeles area. With more than 45 years in the business, we have the connections and knowledge needed to get you out of custody without a hassle.

What Is a Bail Bond?

Whenever someone is taken into custody, the department of corrections must either set the bail amount or deny bail. Having bail outright denied is very rare, but it is common for bail to be too high for the accused to afford. Even when the bail amount isn’t very high, the arrested individual may not immediately have access to the funds. That is where we step in with our bail bond service.

There are essentially two parts to Bail bonds. The first is the posting of bail. This is basically a loan, providing the department of corrections with the money needed to have you released from custody.

The second part is the bond. This is an assurance that you will appear at any future court dates set for your case. If you fail to show, the bail money will be forfeited to the courts and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. This will also lead to issues with the bondsman as he will need to collect the money lost.

Los Angeles County Department of Corrections Can Be Tricky

If you have access to the money needed, you can post bail on your own. However, doing so means that you will need to navigate the complex system that is the Los Angeles County Department of Corrections. This means that you might be better off with an experienced bail bondsman on your side.


With over 10 million residents under its jurisdiction, the department of corrections is very, very busy, and to keep things running as smoothly as possible, they process arrested individuals as quickly as they can. The smaller holding facilities in La Verne do not keep individuals in their custody for long. Instead, they process them and then send them to larger jails.


Men can expect to be sent to Twin Towers Jail. Women are sent to Lynwood Jail. And since all the smaller detention facilities feed into these larger jails, things slow down significantly once there. Just being booked into Twin Towers or Lynwood can take more than 6 hours, and it will take at least another hour after that to complete the bail process.


As soon as you are arrested in La Verne, the clock is ticking. However, once you or your loved one contacts us, we are on the move and working for you. Our goal is to get things done quickly enough to stop you from being transferred to the larger jails. If, however, you are transferred before we can help you, we will still work to minimize the time it takes to get you released from custody.

Our Experience on Your Side

How can Herbert Bail Bonds speed up the process of getting you released from custody? The simple answer is that we have the experience needed to navigate the system with ease. We have more than four decades of history with the Los Angeles County Department of Corrections; during those years, we have developed the connections needed to make the system work for you.


We also have established relationships with all levels of law enforcement. From the La Verne Police Department to the county sheriff to US Immigration Enforcement, we know the people and the process very well. Very few bondsman in the area can say the same.

We Work to Make the Process Convenient for You

You can have a loved one stop in at our office, have us meet them at their home, or ask that we head straight to the corrections facility where you are being held. We also offer clients the ability to make arrangements by fax or over the phone. In essence, we do whatever it takes to ensure that you get the service you need.


And since we offer fax and phone service, we are a great choice for arrested parties that do not have connections in the Los Angeles area. No matter where your family or friends are, they can help you get out of custody and back to life. So long as the individual providing the fee and/or collateral is in the United States, we can make it work.


We also offer additional services to help make things more convenient for you. We can help you find private investigators working in La Verne to build your case, help you with arrest warrants, and even offer bail reduction assistance. We know that this is a stressful time, and we will do what it takes to help make it easier on you.

Paying for Your Bail Bond

Our fee for paying your bail is 10% of the bail amount. This amount is set by the California Department of Insurance; all bail bondsmen operating within the state must stick to this fee. In certain cases, this amount can be reduced to 8%, but there are no cases in which it can be raised. Below are the criteria you must meet to receive the 8% reduced fee.


  •         You have retained of defense attorney, or
  •         A party to the transaction is a member of a workers union, or
  •         A party to the transaction is a veteran or active member of the United States Military.


To help you afford this 10% (or 8%) fee, we offer flexible bail bond financing and payment plan option. As far as collateral, we are very flexible. In some situations, all we need is a co-signer. When bail is set at a high amount, we will ask for collateral, but we are open to anything with sufficient resale value that is owned outright. Real estate is accepted, and will be considered based on equity.

Get Out of Jail and Back to Life

No one enjoys spending time in custody. Jail is hardly a five-star hotel and being stuck there stops you from living your life. We can get you out of custody and back into the daily grind, keeping the disruption to your routine minimal. Get out of jail, get back to life, and fight your case with our help.

Contact Us Today

As a family-owned company, we are invested in the success of each of our clients. Whatever you need, we will work to ensure you get it. Our goal is always to have you released from custody with minimal paperwork and time. We are here for you, 24/7.

La Verne Court Information

Los Angeles Superior Courthouse
400 Civic Center Plaza
Pomona, Ca 91766
(909) 620-3023
Hours of Operation: 9:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Learn more about the Los Angeles Superior Court

Directions to the Los Angeles Superior Court in Pomona


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pomona jail image

Jail Information

La Verne Jail

2061 Third Street,
La Verne, California, 91750

You may visit an inmate at the La Verne Jail, which is operated by the City of La Verne, Monday through Sunday. Visitors must call to be given a specific time to visit an inmate at the Jail.

Learn More about the La Verne Jail

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Find an Inmate

When you need to find a loved one in jail, Herbert Bail Bonds has free resources to help find an inmate. Use our free inmate tracker to find your loved one. Please note you will need inmate information to access the jail records.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Herbert Bail Bonds toll free at: 800-775-6798.



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Find an Inmate
in La Verne

pomona police station image

Police Station

Partnered with the Community, the La Verne Police Department continues to provide top quality law enforcement to the people of La Verne. The department is committed to preserving the high quality of live standards that La Verne Citizens enjoy while keeping it one of the safest communities in California.

Contact the La Verne Police Department

Main Business Line: (909) 596-1913

Go to Police Station Website

Why Choose Herbert Bail Bonds?

When a difficult situation arises and you need to bail a family or loved one out of jail immediately, call the trusted professional bondsmen at Herbert Bail Bonds. We will work with you to help get your loved one free and back home safely. We have over 46 years of experience in getting people out of jail. Don’t hesitate before the situation gets worse to call us at (800) 775 – 6798