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Here at Herbert Bail Bonds, our business is getting people out of custody. And because it is our business, we work hard to make sure that your experience is as fast and as easy as possible. No one wants to spend time in police custody, so our goal is to have you out at the earliest possible moment. We have bail bond agents ready to help you in Lake Arrowhead no matter the hour, serving all courts, jails, and substations in the Lake Arrowhead area.

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When we wake up in the morning, we tend to go through the events of the day as we believe they will unfold. One item that is rarely on the agenda is going to jail. While most of our clients do not go into their day expecting to need our help, all of them find themselves in need.

If you have found yourself in this situation, do not panic. As long as you work with us, you have experience and results on your side. Herbert Bail Bonds has been helping those in Lake Arrowhead get out of custody for over 45 years. We know the rules, the forms, and the people better than any other bail bondsman available to you. This means we work fast, get you out of custody fast, and allow you to get back to life as usual. With 24/7 availability, there is never a moment you do not have Herbert Bail Bonds on your side.

What is a Bail Bond?

Most people know the term, but don’t quite understand it. When watching legal dramas, it gets thrown around a lot, but this only gives you a shallow understanding of what it is. However, if you require a bail bond, it is important you understand what you are receiving.

Bail bonds have two parts: the posting of bail money and the bond. When bail is posted, money is paid to the legal system to guarantee the release of whomever is in custody. Bond is the assurance that once released from custody, the person will show up for all future court dates related to the case. Should the individual not show up for a court date, the bail money will be kept by the courts and a warrant will be issued for the arrest of the party who did not show.

Bail can be set when the individual is arrested or when they first appear in court. There are certain circumstances under which bail can be denied, but they are rare. However, for most people, the amount of bail is too high to afford outright or they cannot immediately access the money, making bail bonds a good option.

The San Bernardino Department of Corrections Can Be Tricky

Lake Arrowhead is a small, unincorporated area of San Bernardino County, having just over 12,000 residents calling it home. Due to its size and unincorporated status, it does not have its own detention center or jail. Instead, individuals taken into custody while in Lake Arrowhead are taken to nearby sheriff’s stations based on whichever is nearest the area where the individual is arrested.

These stations do not have the amenities needed to hold inmates for extended periods of time. They are Type I facilities, which means they are restricted to keeping inmates for 96 hours or less. In most cases, the facilities choose not to house inmates for more than a few hours, transferring them to larger detention centers as soon as possible.

While these larger detention centers offer greater amenities, they have slower processing times. This means you will spend a long time waiting to be processed in, and when we arrive to post bail, it will take a long time to complete the process for getting you out. Whenever possible, it is best to get you out of custody while you are still at the station rather than the larger detention center.

If you are transferred before we are able to secure your release, we are still able to help and will work faster than the competition. Whether you are at Central Detention Center, High Desert Detention Center, or West Valley Detention Center, we can come post bail and get you out of custody.

We Have the Experience You Need

Here at Herbert Bail Bonds, we emphasize our speed, but you might be wondering how we are able to offer such speedy results. After all, the system moves as fast as it moves, right?

While it’s true that there are limits to how fast we can get things done, we do have ways of working faster than others. Because we know the processes and paperwork well, we are able to move through forms and lines quickly. And since we know the people at the stations and detention centers, we have established relationships that inspire trust and help us get things done. We have worked with the San Bernardino County Department of Corrections for close to 5 decades, and those years have made a major difference in the results we can secure.

We Make the Process Convenient to You

With Herbert Bail Bonds, you don’t need to bend over backwards to get the service you need. Instead, we do whatever we can to make it all easy for you. The biggest way we do this is by coming to you to get everything going. Whether you are the individual in custody or a loved one, we can come to the jail, courthouse, substation, or even your home.

In fact, you do not even need to see us in person to work with us. We can set up an agreement via fax, allowing you to help a loved one from states away. For us, what matters most is getting you out of custody and back to your life.

Paying for Your Bail Bond

Paying for a bail bond is pretty simple, and certainly more affordable than posting bail on your own. Here in California, the cost of a bail bond is just 10% of the cost of bail. This fee is fixed by the California Department of Insurance and cannot be raised. However, there are limited circumstances in which this amount can be lowered. You are eligible to pay just 8% of the bail amount if you meet any of the following items:

  • The arrested party has retained a private criminal defense attorney.
  • A party to the transaction is a member of a workers’ union.
  • A party to the transaction is a veteran or active member of the United States Military.

In cases where the cost of bail is very high, even 10% can be too much to afford. However, Herbert Bail Bonds, as always, is ready to work with you. We can offer flexible financing and repayment plan options. We also accept collateral, approaching this option on a case-by-case basis.

Lake Arrowhead Courthouse Information

San Bernardino Justice Center

247 West 3rd St, San Bernardino, CA 92415-0240

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Lake Arrowhead Jail Information

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

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Lake Arrowhead contracts the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for all law enforcement.

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