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The staff at Herbert Bail Bonds strives to make a difficult situation as easy as possible for you and your family. We have bail bond agents in Monrovia serving all courts, city jails, and sub-stations in the Monrovia area.

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Monrovia Bail Bonds

In today’s chaotic world, you never know when unfortunate circumstances will leave you or your loved one subject to arrest and a stay in jail while awaiting trial. Very few people can remain in jail for any length of time without suffering serious life consequences, and obtaining bail is a high priority for most individuals. However, unless you contact some who truly understands how the bail process works in your local area, you can face unexpected delays and end up staying behind bars for longer than necessary.

In Monrovia and other Los Angeles county communities, area residents call on Herbert Bail Bonds for the most reliable, time-tested guidance through the bail process. Since the early 1970s, we’ve helped people from all walks of life obtain their freedom before trial and avoid unnecessary delays in the massive L.A. jail system. Whenever you need us, we’ll support your bail efforts with flexibility and respect.

Bail Bonds Explained

The American court system benefits by keeping as few people in jail as possible prior to trial. For this reason, judges offer most people accused of a crime a chance to post bail and remain free before trial begins. If you or your loved one qualify for bail, you can post a refundable fee in exchange for temporary freedom. Depending on the alleged crime, this fee can be quite substantial. If you can’t pay it in full, you must enter into a contract called a bail bond, which allows you to pay a relatively small percentage of the total bail.

Signers of the bail bond contract include you or your loved, an issuing agent called a bail bondsman and the court with jurisdiction over your case. After paying the percentage of bail required under the law, you can return to daily life as long as you meet your court date commitments. However, if you fail to meet these commitments, the court can revoke the terms of your bail and have you re-arrested until trial. If you fail to appear altogether, the court can force the bail bondsman to pay the entire amount of the bail fee in your place.

How the Jail System Works in Monrovia and Los Angeles County

The city of Monrovia runs a kind of jail facility known as a Type I Jail. Jails in this category, which are the norm in smaller communities across the country, don’t hold arrestees or inmates for any longer than three or four days. Instead, they transfer longer-term cases to larger, more full-service facilities maintained by the local county. Since Monrovia is part of Los Angeles County, men transferred from the local jail go to one of three L.A. County facilities: the Men’s Central Jail, the Pitchess County Detention Center or the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. The transfer destination for women held in the Monrovia jail is the Lynwood Jail (which also has two other names, the Central Regional Detention Facility and the Los Angeles Century Jail for Women).

The jail system in sprawling Los Angeles County has a larger arrestee/inmate population than any other system around the globe. In addition, no other jail facility anywhere in the world is larger than the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Knowing these facts, it’s understandable that anyone who enters the L.A. County system faces some serious potential delays when trying to arrange bail and temporary release from custody. In contrast, people who make their bail arrangements while still in local custody in Monrovia have a much more straightforward path to freedom. Clearly, it makes sense to contact a reputable bail bondsman before any county transfer occurs.

Experience When It Matters

Herbert Bail Bonds has served the residents of Monrovia and other L.A.-area communities for nearly 50 years. Over time, we’ve learned all of the ins and outs of the county’s court and jail systems. This means that we have the skills required to arrange bail at the earliest opportunity and avoid any unnecessary delays or technicalities. For obvious reasons, the process is usually faster if we can work with you or your loved one before Monrovia makes a transfer to an L.A. County facility. However, we can also speed up the process significantly after a transfer takes place.

Simplifying the Bail Process

For the vast majority of people, few things are as traumatic as getting arrested and put in jail. Every hour or day spent behind bars can produce serious life disruption and lead to rapidly snowballing stress levels. At Herbert Bail Bonds, we rely on our experience to simplify the bail process and keep disruption and stress in check whenever possible. We begin by giving you a variety of ways to make bail arrangements for yourself or your loved one either remotely or in person. If you like, we’ll meet with you at one of our area offices, in the privacy of your home, at the Monrovia jail or at the county’s facilities for men or women. Whether you live locally or far away, you can also work with us via phone or fax.

Sometimes, you’ll encounter unexpected obstacles when attempting to arrange bail, such as a bail amount that’s too high for you or your family to afford. We’ll help you cope with these obstacles and keep the process moving along. We can also help you arrange assistance from a private investigator or take the steps needed to resolve an outstanding warrant without worsening your situation or endangering your personal safety.

Affordable Bond Payments

In California, the maximum rate for obtaining a bail bond is capped at 10% of the bail amount set forth by the court system. This rate applies to everyone who doesn’t have a private attorney, a past or current history of military service or membership in a workers’ union. People in these last three groups typically receive a lower 8% bond fee. Whichever rate applies to you, you may find it difficult to come up with the required payment. In these circumstances, we can arrange a flexible payment schedule that brings the cost of a bond into reach. Collateral in the form of land or other valuable property may be necessary when the court sets a high bail amount. If you or your loved one receive a relatively low bail requirement, you may only need the extra signature of a financially qualified individual.

Monrovia Court Information

Pasadena Courthouse
300 E Walnut St,
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 396-3399
Hours of Operation: 8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

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Directions to the Pasadena Courthouse

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Jail Information

Monrovia Jail

140 E. Lime Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016
(626) 256-8000

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Police Station

Contact the Monrovia Police Department

Main Line: (626) 256-8000

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Over the decades, Herbert Bail Bonds has established a firm reputation as a reliable, affordable bail bonding resource for the residents of Monrovia and all of Los Angeles County. No matter your circumstances, you can count on our time-tested combination of family ownership and deep experience with the local and regional court systems. Day or night, contact us to arrange services at your convenience.