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New California Gun Laws to be Aware of in 2018

As of January 1 of this year, some new gun laws are in effect here in California. It can be hard to stay up to date with the changes. However, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. This post contains a comprehensive list of the new laws and what they mean to the average gun-owner. Make sure you’re following these updated laws to avoid getting into trouble.

Assault Rifles

Californians can no longer purchase assault rifles. You can own one, but you have to register it. There’s also a new definition of assault weapons which includes any semi-automatic, centerfire rifle or semi-automatic pistol including some features. You have until June 30, 2018, to register any guns that fall into this category.


There are quite a few new developments in ammunition. Here’s what you need to know.

Magazines: It’s now illegal to own detachable magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition. This decision was challenged but upheld. It is also unlawful to purchase these types of magazines within the state. Owners of these magazines must either move them out of state, turn them in to law enforcement or sell it to a licensed firearms dealer.

Online: If you purchase ammunition online, you can no longer ship it to your home. Now, you must send it to a licensed vendor, and they may charge a processing fee. However, this doesn’t apply to unassembled ammunition for those who make their own.

Background Checks: This isn’t in effect just yet. In 2019, mandatory background checks will have to be completed whenever you purchase ammunition. At this point, you won’t need a permit for ammo.

Out of State: You can’t bring in ammunition from out of state.

Criminal Relinquishment of Firearms

A new plan is in place that will ensure that criminal offenders charged with certain serious crimes turn over any firearms they own. This new law hopes to make the process more efficient for law enforcement by including relinquishment in court and probation processes. Of course, in cases where criminals resist compliance, law enforcement will take measures to confiscate weapons.

Firearm Theft

This theft is a felony, no matter the value of the firearm. Also, if you’ve been a victim of firearm robbery, you must report it within five days.

Lost Firearms

If you’ve lost a firearm, you must report it within five days of realizing it’s missing.

Other new laws are focused on firearms and ammunition distributors and sellers. So, if you own a business in the industry, make sure you’re keeping up to date with the latest regulations and requirements.

The California Department of Justice website offers helpful information for gun owners in California to clarify any questions you may have about the laws. There are separate pages useful for incoming residents, dealers, and other groups. Currently, the most up to date publications list laws up to 2016, but the homepage contains the latest laws in effect in 2018. When in doubt, you can always call or contact the DOJ for additional information. Remember, it’s best to err on the side of caution!

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