The staff at Herbert Bail Bonds strives to make a difficult situation as easy as possible for you and your family. We have bail bond agents in San Diego County serving all courts, city jails, and sub-stations in the San Diego area.

While arrests occur every day, very few people leave their homes in the morning thinking about the need to hire a bail bondsman. Unfortunately, this means that most people are unprepared for the process of hiring a trustworthy bail bondsman who knows how to make bail arrangements quickly and cut down the amount of time spent in custody. For 45 years, the seasoned experts at Herbert Bail Bonds have specialized in smoothly guiding their clients through the bail process and helping them restore a much-needed sense of normalcy in stressful times.

What Is a Bail Bond?

In the U.S., most people who get arrested for a suspected crime are given a chance to post bail. Essentially, this is a financial arrangement that lets the accused individual leave jail and remain free at least up until his or her trial date. Defendants can pay the full amount of their refundable bail fee directly to the court in the form of cash or valuable assets such as a house or a piece of land. However, many defendants lack the resources to directly pay their bail and must rely on a bail bond to get out of jail.

A bail bond is a legally binding agreement between the defendant, the court and a professional bail bondsman. It functions as a promise that the person charged with a crime will show up for all scheduled court dates associated with the suspected offense. By entering into the bond agreement, the bondsman gets the defendant released from jail. In exchange for this service, the defendant pays the bondsman a percentage of the total bail. If the accused doesn’t appear for the scheduled court dates, the bondsman must pay the full amount of the bail to the court. The court will also revoke the future right to bail and issue an arrest warrant for the defendant.

Navigating the San Diego County Jail System

There are over three million people living in San Diego County. Inevitably, a population this size puts a considerable strain on the resources available to the county’s jail system. As a rule, jail system officials do what they can to streamline the processing of people arrested for criminal offenses. This means that they try to move people through the system as quickly as they can to make room for the next wave of incoming individuals. However, this speedy approach is for the benefit of the county, not for the person in custody.

In some counties, arrested individuals are initially housed in city jails or in holding cells in smaller county facilities. This means that, if you act promptly, you or your loved one may be able to make bail arrangements before getting transferred to a larger, more central facility. However, in San Diego County, almost all individuals arrested by local police departments or the county are processed through one of three main facilities. Male defendants enter the system directly at the San Diego Central Jail, located in downtown San Diego, or at the Vista Detention Facility in the northern part of the county. Women defendants enter the system at the Vista Detention Facility or at the Las Colinas Detention and Reentry Facility in Santee. Only the city of Chula Vista maintains its own separate jail facility for local arrestees.

Unfortunately, the centralized nature of defendant processing in San Diego County can lead to lengthy waits for bail processing. This is especially true if you or your loved experience any delays in making your arrangements with a bail bondsman. At Herbert Bail Bonds, we use our extensive familiarity with the San Diego system to cut through any red tape and keep the time needed to complete the bail process to a bare minimum. That way, you spend less time worrying and increase your peace of mind.

Experience Is Crucial

The key advantage of Herbert Bail Bonds is experience. For decades, we have worked closely with the various institutions in San Diego County’s corrections system, including the Sheriff’s Department, the local police forces and federal officials at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Regardless of the agency that has jurisdiction over your case, we have the longstanding relationships needed to steer efficiently through the system and get the results you need.

Making the Bail Bonding Process Convenient for You

At Herbert Bail Bonds, we maximize the convenience of obtaining bail. Depending on your preferences, you can start the process in person at our offices, in your home or at the facility holding your friend or loved one. If you wish, you can also set things up remotely over the phone or by fax. The availability of remote access means that you can arrange bail from anywhere in the country, not just from San Diego County. This is critically important, since many defendants don’t have family or friends nearby to help them in their time of need.

Along with walking you through each step of the bail bonding process, we can provide you with other critically important services. For example, we can help you make arrangements with a private investigator who can work on the details of your case. If you can’t afford the bail amount set by the court, we can also help you seek a bail reduction. In addition, we can help you respond appropriately and safely to any outstanding arrest warrants issued by the court.  

Arranging Payment

In California, statewide rules establish a standard 10% premium for bail bonds. However, you can lower this to an 8% premium if the person seeking bail has a private criminal defense attorney, if you or the person seeking bail is a veteran or current member of the military, or if you or the person seeking bail belong to a workers’ union. Herbert Bail Bonds offers a number of ways to help you meet the cost of bail. First, you can choose from several plans that offer a range of payment schedules. In some circumstances, you’ll only need a cosigner to secure the bond. However, you may also need to provide some sort of collateral for larger bail amounts. If this is the case, rest assured that we will work with you to meet the collateral requirement.

Call on Herbert Bail Bonds

Every minute spent in custody is a minute lost to friends, family and personal commitments. Family-owned Herbert Bail Bonds is dedicated to helping you or your loved one obtain the bond agreement needed to get out of jail, meet all legal obligations, and get back to an everyday routine while awaiting trial. With our 24-hour availability, connections to the court system, and dedication to the needs of your case, we represent San Diego County’s premier option for efficient, affordable bail bond services.

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